I’d be honored to come speak at your event or meeting. My topics can be tailored to the specific needs of your audience and can be arranged to fit within your time allowance.


  • Churches
  • Corporate teams and divisions
  • Youth groups


  • Your Life’s Purpose – You were created for something more, you can just feel it. That gnawing in your gut comes from the fact that we were all created for a specific purpose, and until we realize what that purpose is, we will remain restless and dissatisfied. We’ll help the audience discover their true calling and walk through some specific exercises to help you begin living the life for which you were created.
  • A Sheep among Goats – Modern Christianity in the Western world has become a pale reflection of what Christ originally modeled for us.  We have become mired in tradition and our own self-seeking desires to the point that we have lost what it actually means to be a follower of Jesus. In this talk, we’ll discuss what it looks like to abandon Christianity and instead pursue a life of following Christ.

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